Book Indexing

We offer high-quality book indexing services to publishers and authors across North America. The company specializes in writing back-of-the-book indexes for scholarly monographs, textbooks, and trade publications focusing on literature in humanities and social sciences. Please visit the Projects page to view the full list of topics we specialize in.

The Value of an Index

Indexing is an art, not a technique. Creating order and structure, it reveals the main subjects of the narrative and guides readers to the relevant content in an effective and intelligent manner. An index is like a certificate of authenticity. It testifies that a book is an object of intrinsic value, and that it is going to stay in the realm of knowledge for a very long time.

Why Work With Us

Quality is our priority. The indexer brings his expertise to each project whether he serves a well-known publisher or an independent author. Timing is critical in publishing industry. The indexer delivers services on schedule, continuously communicating with clients to ensure their needs are met. Our indexing rates are reasonable and affordable.

Sample Indexes

  • “We've both had a look at the index and think the indexer did a great job... So please give the indexer our thanks and make sure his name is included in the acknowledgements”. – Authors of The Independence of South Sudan
  • “Thanks for the speedy and excellent work.” – Dr. Richard Pipes
  • “I very much appreciated your work and would not hesitate to recommend your services.” – Dr. Phillip Hansen
  • “Thanks for all you have done for our press and our authors' books... Your indexes and service have been enormously helpful” - editor at the University of Notre Dame Press
  • “Your work for us... is appreciated by all of us here at the press -- but especially by me. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the thoughtfulness, care, diligence, and professionalism you bring to your work.” - Managing editor at the University of Regina Press.