About the indexers

Brookfield Indexing Services is a partnership owned by Sergey Lobachev and Olga Lobacheva. Sergey is a trained indexer, historian, and information professional. With more than ten years of experience working in editorial board, Sergey has excellent knowledge of publishing practices and proven project management experience.

Before discovering the world of indexing, Sergey spent several years in academia as a professor and researcher. He also earned Master of Library and Information Science degree from Western University, and worked in academic and public libraries. His interests and expertise span from the early modern Russian history to the open source content management systems. His scholarly works appeared in The Slavonic and East European Review, Canadian Slavonic Papers, Canadian-American Slavic Studies, Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, and The Indexer. He is regular contributor to The Bulletin of the Indexing Society of Canada.

Sergey has won ICI’s 2017 Purple Pen Competition. His index appeared in the book The Magnificent Nahanni: The Struggle to Protect a Wild Place by Gordon and Shirley Nelson (published by the University of Regina Press).

Sergey successfully completed the Indexing: Theory and Applications course from the University of California, Berkeley. He retains his membership in the Indexing Society of Canada and the American Society for Indexing.

Olga is a former scientist. She received PhD degree in Physics from Western University and conducted research at the Canadian Light Source. Her scientific articles were published in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry, Applied Surface Science, Journal of Applied Physics. She received on the job indexing training and completed dozens of indexes for academic monographs.


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