Privacy and copyright

Privacy policy

We do not share information about our clients with the third parties. This includes, but not limited to emails content and addresses, physical addresses, telephone numbers, institutional affiliation, social network records. This information is being used exclusively for business of indexing and cannot be disclosed to anyone without explicit permission of our clients.

Files shared by our clients, such as page proofs, indexing guidelines, payroll forms, contractor agreements, etc. are retained for the duration of 12 month, thereafter these records are to be destroyed.

We do not express our opinion about the quality of manuscripts received from our clients, neither we discuss the integrity of academic research. We leave such discussions to book reviewers.

We do not share information about indexing rates for specific projects. The exact amount of payment for any given indexing work is confidential; it is determined during negotiations with the clients. Indexing rates are vary from project to project.

Copyright policy

We share copyright policy articulated by the American Society for Indexing:

“The Client understands and acknowledges that the Indexer owns the Work until final payment is made by the Client to the Indexer. Once the final payment is received by the Indexer, however, the Indexer understands and acknowledges that ownership passes to the Client, and the Client has the right to apply for and obtain copyright protection for the Work.”